Bird Hide / Wind Shelter by Biotope

Norwegian architectural office Biotope designed a simple bird hide/wind shelter in collaboration with people in the region Varanger, providing comfortable facilities for visiting birders and local nature enthusiasts.

This wood shelter can be easily built on-site but all the materials had to be transported to the site by boat or helicopters.

Architects: Biotope
Location: Varanger, Norway
Photography: Tormod Amundsen / Biotope

Located on Norway’s easternmost point, easily reached within a day from most places in Europe, Varanger increasingly become a popular birding destination in the arctic.

The bird hide/wind shelter is a good place to use as a base camp in March. From the hide, you also have great views of the slope below the steepest part of the bird cliff.

Biotope is Norway’s first and only architectural office with special expertise in birds and birdwatching. They design bird hides, shelters, nature trails, outdoor amphitheaters, and much more.

Nature Shelters are as essential as architecture can be. It is the often minimum required construction needed for comfort and shelter from wind and weather. Nature shelters are at the core of Biotope´s architectural work, and we aim to design open and inviting spaces allowing you to connect with nature in comfort.