Bigwin Island Bunkie by BLDG Workshop + 608 Design

Located in an incredible site on Lake of Bays, the Bigwin Island Bunkie is a prefab flexible-use house as result of a collaboration effort between industrial design firm 608 Design and Toronto-based architectural studio BLDG Workshop.

Architects: BLDG Workshop
Location: Bigwin Island, Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada
Photographs: Courtesy of The Bunkie

By maintaining a transparent view of the site, the Bunkie is integrated into the landscape. Its multi-use nature responds to both expanding families and recreational applications via three operating modes: open, play and sleep.

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This retreat is a space for yoga and other activities that responded peacefully with the view over the lake, through adds a deck and entrance volume have been added to further enhance the space and function while continuing to engage with the exterior.