© David Boureau

Barn Conversion by Antonin ZIEGLER

In the Boucles de la Seine Regional Park, an abandoned barn by the water will be inhabited. The walls are collapsing, and only the wooden frame remains.

The new building is built on top of the existing one. A zinc shell covers the roof and the walls and keeps the spirit of the old barn, to preserve the language of a rural building: little drilled, monolithic.

Architects: Antonin Ziegler 
Location: Notre-Dame-de-Bliquetuit, France
Photography: David Boureau, Antonin Ziegler

The framework remains the fundamental architectural element of the new residence. Inside, it is entirely visible and structures the space. Its timber framing sequences the view of the river, to the rhythm of the seasons – and passing boats…

On the outside, it remains visible, below the zinc shell, and gives the project an unfinished appearance, as if eroded by the surrounding nature. The natural zinc patina that will appear quickly will reinforce this impression.