Athens rooftop Hut by deltArCHI

As participation in the exhibition “The Minimum Structure” curated by Apostolis Artinosin, Greece architects duo Panos Dragonas and Varvara Christopoulou have envisioned a tiny meditation hut on the Athens rooftop.

Architects: Panos Dragonas + Varvara Christopoulou / deltArCHI
Location: Athens, Greece
Exhibition: Romantso Gallery, Oct 2014

This 9 sqm cabin would be built primarily from wood, with a slatted facade and generous windows offering views of an artificial landscape, consisting of antennas, solar panels and insulation materials.

There are some very basic furniture available, a raised sleeping area and a table, and without any modern amenities.

Inspiration from architect:

The new hut is not created on the natural ground, but on the urbanscape of the Athenian terraces, only two meters over the rooftop of a typical “polykatoikia”. The minimum possible distance from the urban surface allows for the contemplation of the city from a different viewpoint. In nine square meters of surface area, the cabin provides the minimum equipment that is required for temporary escapes and contemplation.