Montee Karp House by Tighe Architecture

With the help of architect Patrick Tighe and cost $1 million, the Los Angeles couple Nina Montee and Harvey Karp had transformed a wood cottage into their modernist dream home.

Located on a hillside steep site overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this 230 sqm residence has geometric shape roof and facades with unique revolving door and garage.

Architects: Tighe Architecture
Location: Pacific Palisades, California, USA
Photography: Trevor Tondro

Montee Karp House Exterior by Tighe Architecture 1

Montee Karp House by Tighe Architecture 5

Inside is gallery-like living space with minimalist white interior, huge windows and terraces open to reveal a sweeping view of the sea, a floating steel stair is impressive – light from the skylight above filters through the custom perforated stair and projects an ever-changing texture of shadow.

Montee Karp House Stair by Tighe Architecture 10

Montee Karp House Private Library by Tighe Architecture 12

Montee Karp House Washbasin 16

Inspiration from architect:

The geometry of the roof is accentuated to create a language of faceted surfaces. The articulated volume of the front facade of the building continues indoors to define the interior spaces. A blurring of the roof, wall, and floor planes occurs. A forced perspective is created, framing the extraordinary views out to the Santa Monica Bay.