Hall Rowers Moto Guzzi by act_romegialli

Hall Rowers Moto Guzzi is a warehouse for the storage of boats and canoes, two pavilions are placed longitudinally in relation to the shore of Lake Como.

Enjoy the magnificent lake-view from a continuous glass curtain, but the outer shape gabled entirely covered in green is reinterprets local customs.

Architects: act_romegialli
location: Mandello lario lago di Como, Italy
Photography: Marian marcello

Hall Rowers by act_romegialli 05

Hall Rowers by act_romegialli 03

Hall Rowers by act_romegialli 08

Hall Rowers by act_romegialli 09

The volume is distributed in two separate pavilions, adjacent but with slightly staggered locations for breaking its total volume. The shape of the buildings is typical of simple construction with a gabled roof , the archetype of the “house “.