Atalaya House / Alberto Kalach

Atalaya House is a beautiful contemporary home by Alberto Kalach, Located in California, US, with stunning views towards the Pacific.

Architects: Alberto Kalach
Location: California, USA
Photographs: Yoshihiro Koitani

Atalaya House by Alberto Kalach ideasgn delmar

Atalaya House by Alberto Kalach ideas delmar 44



It was designed for a couple, on a sloping terrain, surrounded by superb landscapes. The residence shares a close relationship with the land that it sits on, faithfully following the lot’s topography.

The project was conceived as a series of descending terraces, each one with a unique functionality and breathtaking views. Impressing with its tranquil ambiance, the house features carefully selected materials (chosen together with the clients), such as stainless steel, concrete, wood, and travertine.

Both the inside of the house and its exteriors were designed to ensure a calm and relaxed atmosphere. This includes the color schemes, the comfy furnishings, the natural lighting, the swimming pools, the library, and pretty much everything else.

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