Apartment Renovation ideas / Y Home by Office ZHU

Designed by Chinese-Dutch based company Office ZHU, the Y Home is a minimalist white interior apartment for a young couples who are busy with working during the day and prefer simple life when off work.

Architects: Office ZHU
Location: Shanghai, China
Photography: Zhu Siyu, Che Peiping

Y Home by Office ZHU

The background is clean and tidy, furniture will be particularly prominent here. We selected different brands of lamps, sofas, tables, but all have beautiful outlines and have a certain similarity. For smaller decoration, such as painting and pots, the team suggests those with a simple shape and calm colors, which is similar to the furniture visual language. By setting the strategy instead of design everything, more space is left to the owners to make their own decision.

How to avoid falling into the trap of fast consumption? How to make a long lasting design is the main concern of this project. Based on this idea, we picked a neutral color such as white, wood for the color board, and repaint the original floor into a light grey. The bright background not only creates a quiet atmosphere which differs from the city but also makes the whole apartment almost look like galleries.

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