6 Lovely Wooden Tiny Houses

Nido Micro Cabin Finland by Robin Falck
Nido Micro Cabin Finland by Robin Falck

6 Lovely Wooden Tiny House

Living simply in tiny houses, is more affordable and ecologically friendly. Using traditional building techniques and materials, tiny houses are aesthetically similar to larger homes, but more sustainable.

Mobile Tiny House ideas Getaway by Millennial Housing Lab
Getaway by Millennial Housing Lab © Kataram Studios

Although the small but perfectly formed sparrow, the box-type shape is the often used in tiny house design, Tiny houses on wheels are more flexible.

This 25 sqm small cabin, its collapsible light construction based on the shape of rhombic dodecahedron, and clad with 4mm waterproof birch plywood.

Tiny House Ufogel with Breathtaking Views of the Alps.

Transformed a discarded construction trailer into an tiny inhabitable space in Vlimmeren, Belgium.

© Albrecht Immanuel Schnabel

Blending into the landscape in the forest of Vienna Woods, this tiny wilderness cabin with a brick foundation and prefabricated wooden structure.

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