34.25° House by Bartek Arendt and Kasia Bedra

Sits at the top of the valley of Radunia river in northwestern Poland, the 34.25° House is a geometric shape private house overlooking a picturesque landscape with numerous hills, fields, and forests.

Architects: Bartek Arendt, Kasia Bedra
Location: Radunia, Kashubia, Poland
Photographs: Courtesy of Bartek Arendt

Cladding with grey concrete brick, the pitched roofs angle of the house echoes traditional Polish rural architecture.

The distinctive shape achieved by rotating the traditional pitched roof diagonally to the plan resulted in an abstract form, the building’s rotation of 34.25° was achieved by numerous iterations.

Inside is compact enough to minimize heat loss during heavy winters, and minimalist to showcase an extensive and ever-growing collection of artwork and heirlooms.

Inspiration from architects:

The aim of the project is to take advantage of the natural surrounding, at the same time fitting into restrictive zoning regulation, ensuring proper insolation of the house and enclosing the functional program in a compact volume.