Diamond Lights by Eric Therner + FRAMA

Created by Swedish designer Eric Therner in collaboration with Copenhagen-based studio FRAMA, the Diamond Lights is a nostalgic loft style pendant lamp with royalty inspired diamond-shape LED light bulb and a variety of styles of lampholder.

Designer: Eric Therner, FRAMA
Website: Diamond Lights

Diamond Lights by Eric Therner+FRAMA 3

Diamond Lights by Eric Therner+FRAMA 5

Great for creating a special, inviting atmosphere in restaurants, cafes, hotels or simply at home.

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Diamond-Lights by Eric Therner+FRAMA 6

Diamond-Lights by Eric Therner+FRAMA 7

Diamond-Lights by Eric Therner+FRAMA 8

Inspiration from designer:

I’d like to think of Diamond Lights as a sculpture, with a function. I wanted something different than the round lightbulbs. To me, diamonds are surrounded by a mystic, romantic feeling, which I like. By using a diamonds shape like this, it gives the lamp charismatic look, as well as keeping a classic feel.

Diamond-Lights by Eric Therner+FRAMA 9