Chafed and patinated house in Osterlen

The 20th century house on Osterlen, Sweden, had been seriously chafed and weathered by time, but the new owner still retained the interiors and the feel of yesteryear.

Christina now own self and live in with their three children, she and her then- husband bought the house in 2000.

1925 Sweden House Nostalgic interior design 17

The house in Skåne Komstad built in 1925 by a certain Katharina, who grew up on the family farm next door. After the death of his father, her had built their own magnificent house in the National Romantic style. 1956 Katharina died and the house was sold to a farmer in the village who bought it primarily for the land ‘s sake.

1925 Sweden House Nostalgic interior design 3

First Christina had imagined grind the floors and paint all the walls white, but final she retained the worn wallpapers and paints, to save the soul and charm of the old building.

She managed to oil up some of the wood that was still working, and replaced the windows that have needed. The only thing that Christina really has changed in the house is an old walk-in closet that has been converted into bathrooms.

1925 Sweden House Nostalgic interior design 7

1925 Sweden House Nostalgic interior design 16

Many of the house’s original furniture has disappeared over the years, but still include a large wooden bed. Christina had collect various stuff from the flea market.

Compiled from Sköna hems