5th Street Townhouse renovation by The Brooklyn Home Company

The Brooklyn Home Company is a family-run cooperative of artists and builders committed to creating world-class and innovative living spaces in Brooklyn. The 5th Street Townhouse is Lyndsay Caleo and Fitzhugh Karol’s home.

Brooklyn 5th street house by TBHCo-02

Brooklyn 5th street house by TBHCo-06

Brooklyn 5th street house by TBHCo-04

Brooklyn 5th street house by TBHCo-07

From the designer:

this 4 story townhouse in center Park Slope was renovated and the owner’s duplex was completely gutted.

The interior/exterior plan, decoration, built-ins and custom work were designed and/or built by TBHCo’s design team. Extra large double hung windows flood the home with natural light. The sculpture above the fireplace was made by TBHCo designer/sculptor Fitzhugh Karol……