Slim Stool by ARBIJT

Created by Belgian product designer Olivier Roels, the Slim Stool is a foldable object that looks very light and simple when collapsed but transforms in a functional stool within seconds. The word Slim in Dutch means smart.

Slim Stool by ARBIJT 2

Slim Stool by ARBIJT 3

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Slim Stool by ARBIJT 6

Slim-Stool by ARBIJT 5

Slim-Stool by ARBIJT 4

Slim-Stool by ARBIJT 7

Inspiration from designer:

The seating is hold tight to the legs using Neodymium magnets and the legs stay together by very strong hidden hinges. Although it may look light, it support weights up to 130 kilograms. Built in is a locking mechanism on top which blocks lateral movement of the seat.