Villa Bie by MLRP

Situated on on the outskirts of north Copenhagen, the Villa Bie is an extraordinary residence like a slab growing out of the earth at an angle.

Danish-American design practice MLRP has reinvented a traditional Danish gabled house into an angular, minimalist and extremely impressive residence.

Architects: MLRP
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Photography: Courtesy of Accoya


The facade of the building is clad in 650 sqm of Accoya wood, a minimalistic staircase is carved from the home’s concrete foundation, creating large openings of glass to ensure visual contact between land and sea.

Villa Bie by MLRP 3

Inspiration from architect:

The conceptual idea arose from the restrictions that was laid out by the very strict local planning authorities, which would only allow 1 1/2 floors and a gabled roof. We wanted a landscaped house and the client wanted something unique. This way the house reinterprets the Danish building tradition in a radical new way.

Villa Bie by MLRP Plan1

Villa Bie by MLRP Plan2