LOUD SHADOWS by Plastique Fantastique
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LOUD SHADOWS by Plastique Fantastique

Created by Germany creative firm Plastique Fantastique for Oerol Festival 2017, LOUD SHADOWS is a monumental, yet mobile, soft and transparent architecture, which merge dance and music, and challenge the perception of time.

Architects: Plastique Fantastique
Location: Terschelling, The Netherlands
Photography: Jelte Keur, Maria Turik, Yena Young, Marco Canevacci

LOUD SHADOWS is a joint project of Kate Moore, The Stolz, LeineRoebana and Plastique Fantastique project.

Inspiration from architect:

LOUD SHADOWS is a collage made by artists coming from different backgrounds: dance, music, architecture. It’s ephemeral skin influences the environment as much as its inner space offers a lucid view outwards.

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