Guest House by doisamaisv

This guest house was conceived as an addition to a pre-existing weekend home situated in the outskirts of São Paulo. Quietly stand between a maple tree and a cypress, the simple architecture consists of concrete, timber and glass.

Architects: doisamaisv
Location: Araçoiaba da Serra, São Paulo, Brazil
Photography: Fran Parente

Guest House by doisamaisv 09

Guest House by doisamaisv 01

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Guest House by doisamaisv 12

Inspiration from architect:

The central core, with four suites, has a concrete structure. Around it, an independent timber structure delimits gathering places and circulation. The roof trusses are only visible at the edges. House circulation is always through the porches and there is no distinction between front and back doors. Inside the building, one can feel the tranquil atmosphere of isolation, even being so close to the neighbors. It is just like being in a tree house without leaving the ground.