Condominium 1 The Sea Ranch by MLTW

Located on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean view, Condominium 1 is a complex of ten condominium units, and is the first residence in The Sea Ranch.

The design was inspired by barns and other farm buildings in the region and designed by Moore Lyndon Turnbull Whitaker.

Architects: Charles W. Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, William Turnbull, Richard Whitaker / MLTW
Location: Sonoma County, California, USA
Photography: Jim Alinder

Condominium One The Sea Ranch by MLTW 01

Condominium 1 The Sea Ranch by MLTW 02

The idea was to encourage individuality with restrictions—a “vernacular architecture”—to tame the salty elements, encourage aesthetic harmony and minimize impact. That meant natural materials, native plantings and color palettes, roof slopes to match the wind, and living areas like interior courtyards to maximize functionality and enjoyment of space.

Condominium 1 The Sea Ranch by MLTW 04

Condominium 1 The Sea Ranch by MLTW 08

* Oceanic California Inc. purchased thousands of sheep-grazing acres in 1963 and renamed it The Sea Ranch. Stretching ten miles along the Pacific Coast, The Sea Ranch provides a dramatic site for a carefully planned residential development.