Comet Street Studio by dRMM

Situated on a backstreet in Deptford, the Comet Street Studio is a 44 sqm wedge-shaped building designed for artist Vijay Nambiar as his painting studio.

Architects: dRMM – de Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects
Location: London, UK
Photography: Jonas Lencer, Judith Stichtenoth, Alex de Rijke

Comet Street Studio by dRMM 3

Comet Street Studio by dRMM 6

The studio is simple: one door, one room and a huge skylight that allows light to enter from the north. The studio is also intriguing and evocative, because Itself is like a work of art – moreover this simple construction actually took nine years to complete – London-based architecture firm dRMM collaborated with the client.

Comet Street Studio by dRMM 4

Comet Street Studio by dRMM 8

Comet Street Studio by dRMM 7

Inspiration from architect:

…a rectangular box built in cross-laminated timber that mirrored the adjacent terrace but did not copy it directly, with light entering through a huge openable ETFE skylight. This single window, the largest of its kind in the UK, was positioned to act like a big hungry eye, sucking in light from the northern sky. The building was then clad in zinc, its seams lining up around each corner, the effect of which is both compelling and forbidding from the outside…