Amagansett Country House by Alex Scott Porter

This house formerly is a old sheetrock barn built in the 1980s, Alex Scott Porter converted it into a ‘country house’ for a family of five from New York City.

Architects: Alex Scott Porter Design
Location: Amagansett, New York, USA

Country House by Alex Scott Porter Design 02

Country House Kitchen

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Amagansett Country House Fireplace

Amagansett Country House bathroom

Inspiration from architect:

Our aim was to create a house that was timeless, both in its style and its materials – that would age with grace without having to be further renovated in the future. And we wanted to challenge the idea that sustainable houses cannot be luxurious, by demonstrating that luxury can include not only the latest appliances and furniture by cutting-edge designers, but also materials with their own history and a variety of inviting textures.