Aero House by Tadashi Murai

Designed by Japanese architect Tadashi Murai in 1999, the Aero House is a modernist box composed of engineered wood and plywood, the prefabricated house mobile enough to set up wherever it’s needed.

Aero House Exteriors Location by Tadashi Murai

Aero House Exteriors Windows by Tadashi Murai

Aero House is the base of Mirai Nihon project by TBWA/Hakuhodo.

Aero House Glass curtain wall by Tadashi Murai

Aero House Interior Kitchen by Tadashi Murai

From the architects:

The wood frames which consist of engineered wood are combined tightly and they are arranged at intervals of 45cm to 1m. The wood frames which is covered by the plywood make “semi-monocoque structure” similar to aircraft or ship. By changing the type of sill, the building can adopt to the various ground situation. The width of the space will be about 6m without columns. The structure is stable yet simple, and thus you can construct the building in short period with reasonable cost……

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